Hypnobirthing sessions in Lowestoft and Norwich.

Hypnobirthing by Fertility2Birth is an amazing programme that aims to remove fears associated with childbirth so that you have a relaxed and controlled birth.

Consisting of three two-hour sessions, you will learn the tools to help you to relax, plan your birth and actually look forward to welcoming your new-born baby.

Why Hypnobirthing?

Research shows that using Hypnosis to help with labour reduces the length of the first stage of labour by hours and the second stage from an average of 50 minutes to 37 minutes.

Fear is one of the biggest factors in childbirth and labour.  In my blog post on “Getting Back to Natural Childbirth”, I explain more about how fear affects childbirth.

Hypnobirthing can help you to have a calm and positive birth experience.

Hypnobirthing focusses on you releasing fears around childbirth to prevent your body from going into “fight or flight” mode.  It empowers you by helping understand each stage of the labour process and teaches techniques to relax, prepare for birth and put you back in control of the birthing experience.

Hypnobirthing is based on the work of Dr Grantley Dick-Reid, an English obstetrician.  In his book, “Childbirth Without Fear”, first published in 1933, he hypothesised that when a woman is scared during labour, blood and oxygen are diverted away from the uterus.  As a result, this increase in fear and tension and in turn increases the level of pain.

In comparison, when a woman remains calm, the uterine muscles relax and the body produces oxytocin and endorphins, which are nature’s natural pain relief.

Since then research has focussed on investigating the secrets that really help women to have the labour we all dream of. Females commonly fear giving birth from an early age. Males often have very little idea of what will happen at the delivery of their baby. Birthing partners (male and female) have very little input at the birth, which can often leave them feeling quite useless.

This is where Fertility2Birth’s Hypnobirthing program can help.  It’s a program that is advocated by midwives and based on research.

Fertility2Birth’s Hypnobirthing Program

Fertility2Birth’s Hypnobirthing program aims to remove all of the fears associated with birth and turn those feelings into enthusiastic anticipation. You can read more about the program on Fertiity2Birth’s website.

This amazing program is held over three two-hour sessions.  You will receive all course material, including an abundance of things for the birthing partner to do prior to the birth and during labour. (This does not mean that the birthing partner has to participate). You will be provided with MP3s, that can be used daily, and other special tricks and techniques.

Fertility2Birth’s Hypnobirthing program restores your confidence.  You will feel that it is ok to liaise with the medical staff. And that it’s fine to ask why, and if you do not like something, to have the confidence to question it.

Clinical research has shown that confident, relaxed and positive mothers have better birth outcomes.

Using hypnosis to help you relax, educating yourself about what to expect at each stage, and learning specific techniques that support you through each stage, you will regain confidence in your body to plan the birth of your dreams and make informed choices throughout.

What if my Birth Plan Changes?

The Fertility2Birth’s Hypnobirthing program recognises things do not always go to plan and the program helps you to be aware of this.  You’ll learn how to deal with any feelings that may occur if your labour does not go exactly as your Birth Plan stated.

In life it seems to be the case that if we expect and believe something it is more likely to be that way; positive and negative.

Throughout the programme, we work on releasing any fears you may have about birth and changing any preconceived ideas that may be detrimental to your experience.  These are replaced with new positive affirmations that will work in the same way to give you the best most positive experience for your birth.

We however do not want to give you false ideas. Labour is an amazing journey, a journey which you can finish feeling euphoric and empowered. However, it can be hard work, after all, you are using a muscle – that is rarely used – to its optimum capacity.  This takes a lot of energy (some say as much energy as running for the same amount of time). Therefore, physical exercise (providing it is safe for you to do so) and mental preparation is key to your successful birth. We can give you the knowledge and tools, but it is up to you to practise them.

Advocated by Midwives

Hypnobirthing is now accepted as a normal part of birth preparation. NICE states that women who choose to use hypnosis during childbirth should be supported in doing so. More and more people are using hypnosis to aid birth in the UK. It is believed that the Duchess of Cambridge used hypnobirthing for all three of her pregnancies.  (Read more in an article from the Independent). Hypnobirthing is recommended by local midwives and other birth practitioners.

Fertility2birth’s Hypnobirthing program was developed and written by two professionals, Juliet and Sue, with hypnotherapy and clinical maternity experience. Their result is a complete birth education programme, which is advocated by midwives.


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