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Workshop: Past Life Regression

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Workshop: Past Life Regression – Fact or Fantasy?

Do you feel pulled to certain eras in history? Do you get a feeling of DeJa’Vu? Maybe you want to gain some insight into a current pattern in your life? Or maybe are you simply curious?

In this 2-hour workshop, we will start with a discussion on past lives and then experience a guided visualisation to connect with the wisdom of our past.

Explore Your Past Lives

Our character today represents a culmination of all the experiences we have had over numerous lifetimes. Exploring your past lives with past life regression offers a whole new dimension to the understanding of your own character. You suddenly realise for the first time why you are drawn to certain places or have a particular interest in something.

Past life regression is a therapeutic technique for accessing and re-experiencing a person’s past lives or incarnations. Some people hope to try past life regression simply out of curiosity, to see who they were in the past. But for most, it’s a path for personal growth and healing.

Two-hour Workshop

In this 2-hour workshop, we will start with a discussion on past lives and then experience a guided visualisation to connect with the wisdom of our past.

Gentle Guided Imagery

We will use gently guided visualisation and meditation to go into a relaxed state. This relaxed state will help you to bypass the conscious, rational mind, and the ‘monkey-chatter’ brain, and allows the right-side brain – your intuitive side – to activate. This is the seat of intuition, creativity, and stored memories.

Gain Insight from the Past

Lessons you may have learned from the past are still relevant now. Discover information about yourself not just from your past or your future, but that can impact your life now. These insights may help you move past blocks and obstacles in your current life.

Please note this is not a therapy session. Instead, you will guided into a gentle visualisation. This is a form of meditation to open up a creative state within your mind. You remain in control at all time and can choose to open your eyes at any time.

A pocket watch and leather bound books
Past Life Regression is a gentle healing technique

What is Past Life Regression?

Past life regression is a gentle healing technique that takes you on a hypnotic journey, safely into a past lifetime. It doesn’t matter whether you believe in past lives or not, in a spiritual form or otherwise, it’s more of an exploration to represent the power of the subconscious mind.

Interestingly, past lives can be found in most Eastern religions, Buddhism, Hinduism, Sikhism and Jainism, and other religions. Even Christianity mentions reincarnation.

There can be many different types of past lives. For example, ‘past life memory’ is where your soul takes on a new physical form (i.e., you) but it carries memories of its former reincarnation. There’s ‘inherited memory’ which comes from our ancestors.

‘Cryptomnesia’ is when you can pick up on collective thought-forms, for example from other people’s memories.

Then there are ‘parallel lives’ when we pull through a life from an alternative universe and imagination, which is simply accessing the subconscious. Fascinating, isn’t it?

You don’t have to believe in past lives

It doesn’t matter too much where the memories are coming from, but rather the content. Even if it is simply imagined or ideas from the subconscious it still has meaning. For instance, you might see yourself as a hardworking father of a large family or maybe a young lady of a rich family. There are insights and understandings to be found in these differences.

It’s not simply a trip down memory lane, instead, it can be a tool for insight as to where the causes of certain traits or ways of thinking stem from. You can come away from the session with a much broader concept of who you are, and perhaps explain the source of some of your issues in this lifetime, such as phobias, addictive traits, and compulsive behaviours.

When and Where

Past Life Regression Experience – Online Workshop
The cost of this workshop is £33.

This event is fully booked – please email hello@katinachapman.co.uk to be added to the waiting list for the next workshop.

For individual sessions, see my programme on Past Life Regression.

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