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Hypnotherapy Training Courses

Hypnotherapy Training and Workshops

Short courses and full training available. Whether you are curious about hypnosis and would like to attend a taster session or maybe you are interested in a specific area and would like to delve deeper. Or perhaps you would like to train as a hypnotherapist. Whatever your interest I offer a range of workshops and training from 1 hour to a full Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy. Click on the links below to read more about each workshop and training and to register your interest for the next intake.

Hypnotherapy Taster Session

Come along and learn a simple way to relax and let go of stress and anxiety in this simple introduction to hypnotherapy. Learn more.

Introduction to Hypnotherapy and Self-Hypnosis

A four-session workshop that introduces you to the world of hypnosis and self-hypnosis. Learn how to apply these techniques for personal success. Read more.

Certificate in Hypnosis

Would you like to know more about hypnosis and how your mind works?

This two-day training will introduce you to the world of hypnosis – its background, broad applications, and the power of suggestion! By the end of the training, you will have practiced your first hypnotic induction and know exactly what to do to guide someone into a trance. Learn more about my Certificate in Hypnosis.

Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy

Full practical hands-on training. One weekend a month, over 10 months. Read more about becoming a hypnotherapist here.

A Womb with a View

I love this workshop so much. Did you know we pick up emotions, sounds, and conversations whilst growing in the womb? These can affect us, as an adult. Over three group sessions, we are going to use guided visualisation to regress back and heal whatever we may have picked up subconsciously whilst in the womb. This can be a truly amazing way to release anxiety and other bad habits. Read more.

Past Life Regression

Do you feel pulled to certain eras in history? Do you get a feeling of DeJa’Vu? Maybe you want to gain some insight into a current pattern in your life? Or maybe are you simply curious? In this 2-hour workshop, we will start with a discussion on past lives and then experience a guided visualisation to connect with the wisdom of our past. Discover more.

Mastering Mindfulness

In these fun sessions, you can discover how to bring more mindfulness into your day. Mindfulness can help you relieve stress, increase concentration and confidence, deal with difficult emotions and improve communication.

Personalised Sessions

Hypnotherapy is effective in helping adults, children, and young people with a variety of issues. in addition to providing Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy training and workshops, I offer personalised Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy programmes to help with anxiety, stress, insomnia, depression, and more. Hypnotherapy appointments are available in person in Norwich and Lowestoft and also online.