Countless women like the thought of natural childbirth, but the thought of being in pain for many hours puts them off (and who’s going to blame them). Even with practice and training, there is frequently an underlying fear that pain will probably become overwhelming and the planning will go out of the window.

Fear of pain is a primal impulse, so it is rooted deep in the mind of many mums-to-be. In some instances, the pain can be so intense that it stops her from focusing on staying relaxed and in the childbirth zone.

Returning to Natural Childbirth

While a great number of women want to go through the full spectrum of feelings that are connected with natural childbirth, the greatest obstacle is on the whole pain. Even though all women believe some level of pain is a part of childbirth, at times a wave of intense pain whilst in labour can undo all the preparation the woman has made.

Fear of pain is certainly a primal response, so it is rooted deep in the mind of many mums-to-be. It could be that the discomfort is of such intensity that it simply keeps her from concentrating on the actions of childbirth and upsetting her ability to stop worrying and focus.

Everyone’s pain limit is different and therefore how they contend with any pain during labour is bound to be different. The emotional, mental and physical strain of childbirth may be so overwhelming that it prevents the woman from relaxing. As the tension, pain and stress increase so does the level of anxiousness.

Anxiety Increases Intensity

Anxiety increases the intensity of the birth experience, making it a lot more painful and terrifying. The natural childbirth experience can then be a vicious cycle of what seems to be never-ending pain and worry. So it is no wonder that woman experiencing this are unable to pay attention on the proper respiration, relaxation and pushing techniques that are the building blocks for natural childbirth.

Any pain in childbirth can be hard to overcome if the mum to be is unable to stay focused and relaxed.

If the pregnant woman is not able to deal appropriately with any discomfort then in many cases the labour will be prolonged. She can also become so distraught that she begins to encounter extreme muscle cramps in her back, arms and legs and a natural birth can be transformed into a miserable and scary event. Inability to cope with labour pains may also cause the heart rate to become irregular, send the blood pressure soaring or create metabolic imbalances inside the bloodstream.

How Hypnotherapy Helps

The use of hypnotherapy specialist techniques can be really worthwhile in helping the mums-to-be to get a handle on the pain. A hypnotherapeutic technique can work to relax through each contraction, or focus away from it. This relaxation would allow the body to endure the labour process in a less painful (and possibly quicker) way.

Helping the pregnant woman to reduce or even eliminate the pain totally is the goal of the hypnotherapist and also helping them to stay thoroughly calm. With hypnosis, the dream of a natural birth becomes a great deal more of a reality. A relaxed mother will probably also genuinely feel better equipped to ensure that their baby receives the best start possible to life.

Fertility 2 Birth Program

Katina Chapman from Katina Chapman Hypnotherapy based in Lowestoft and Norwich explained why in her view hypnotherapy treatments are extremely successful in helping women that are pregnant to have a natural childbirth,

“I offer Fertility2Birth’s birth education program. The program aims to remove all of the fears associated with birth, by turning feelings of fear into enthusiastic anticipation. By being more relaxed, you can actually look forward to welcoming your new-born baby. The Fertility2Birth Program is well thought out and is advocated by midwives. If you would like to know more call 01502 587341 for a free consultation. You can read more about Hypnobirthing and the Fertility2Birth Program here

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