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Workshop: Certificate in Hypnosis

Certificate in Hypnosis

Discover the world of hypnosis

Would you like to know more about hypnosis and how your mind works?

This two-day training will introduce you to the world of hypnosis – its background, broad applications, and the power of suggestion! By the end of the training, you will have practiced your first hypnotic induction and know exactly what to do to guide someone into a trance.

What you will learn

History of Hypnosis

Learn about famous users of hypnosis and hypnosis pioneers.

Laws of Suggestion

Learn the three major laws that apply to every form of hypnosis and hypnotherapy, including self-hypnosis and conversational hypnosis.

Conscious and Unconscious

Understand what roles your conscious mind and unconscious play and the presuppositions of human behaviour.

Key Skills for Hypnosis

How to build rapport, develop your hypnotic voice, and the signs of trance.

And of course,
how to do an…

Hypnotic Induction

Learn how to guide someone easily into a relaxing Hypnotic trance.

No previous experience or previous knowledge is required. This is the perfect introduction to hypnosis and a great refresher for those with some experience.  Further training is available to full Diploma level in Clinical Hypnotherapy, read more here.

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Hypnotherapy is effective in helping adults, children, and young people with a variety of issues. in addition to providing Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy training and workshops, I offer personalised Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy programmes to help with anxiety, stress, insomnia, depression, and more. Hypnotherapy appointments are available in person in Norwich and Lowestoft and also online.