Treating Low Confidence

Numerous people will probably go through highs and lows in their confidence levels in their lifetime, but for a lot of people, certain situations can make it challenging to regain their confidence fully.

Low confidence can make it tough to cope in a number of areas, including work, social and stressful circumstances. Generally, low self-confidence can be caused by having low self-worth, and people may evaluate themselves in a detrimental way; it is usually focused entirely on their physical appearance.

Outward warning signs of low self-confidence include appearing shy, uneasy or socially withdrawn, especially in confrontational or stressful circumstances.

Bullying at school and demanding parents or peers at home may produce a setting that can play a large part in the conditioning a person receives as a child, and these experiences can set-up an excellent breeding ground for low confidence.

Regretfully, if left untreated, low self-confidence may cause further problems, such as social anxiety, depression, panic attacks, and stress. This is why it’s important to seek help straight away if your self-confidence is knocked for a long period of time, as negative thinking patterns can quickly build and get out of hand. This kind of low self-confidence can spread into a lot of areas of our life including getting work or maintaining a job, socialising with others, general day to day activities, and relationships.

Low self-confidence can be treated quickly with hypnotherapy

Thankfully, low self-confidence can in many cases be easily reversed in a relatively short time. That’s because most of the people with low confidence have simply got into a pattern of feeling like that. By addressing the inappropriate behaviours, the low self-confidence can be treated quickly and people should normally see the results rapidly. Higher levels of confidence can make a massive difference to everything – from relationships with family and friends to career prospects as well as general state of mind.

One of the better treatments for low self-confidence is hypnosis, as it deals with the underlying factors causing incessant low self-confidence. A knowledgeable hypnotherapist can easily help you to identify and fix the underlying causes so that you can begin to create a constructive feedback loop.

The hypnotherapist is likely to suggest new thought processes to the subconscious mind to replace the old thought processes. By removing the underlying problems that have been causing the situation, the treatment with hypnosis tends to be gentle and easy for the client to do and consequently it makes it easier to return to a normal lifestyle.

Katina Chapman, a skilled hypnotherapist, who works at Katina Chapman Hypnotherapy explained, “Confidence is a learned ability that can be acquired and improved over time. It’s not unusual to have high confidence in some areas and low confidence in others. With hypnosis, you can replace the old negative thought processes with new thought processes that instill self-confidence. It can help with setting goals, shifting negative thinking to realistic thinking, and building your belief so you can challenge yourself to do the things you really want to do.”

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