Winner of Hypnotherapist of the Year 2021

I was honoured to be recognised at the Prestige Awards which recognises small and medium-sized businesses that have proven to be the best in their market over the past 12 months.

The judging panel base their decisions upon areas such as:

  • service excellence,
  • quality of service provided,
  • innovative practices,
  • value, ethical and sustainable methods of working
  • as well as consistency in performance.

As part of the assessment process, the judging panel asked for evidence of my work and my positive feedback from my clients. They looked in depth at my services, my customer service, my ethos, marketing, and branding.

I was shortlisted to the top three, and after a telephone interview, I was delighted to hear that I had won.

My husband, Neil, and I travelled down to the award ceremony and had a fabulous day.

Katina being presented the Award for Hypnotherapist of the Year by Daniel from Prestige Awards
Katina and her husband, Neil, receiving the Hypnotherapist of the Year Award

Justin Dealey’s Radio Show

I was very honoured to be invited to talk about hypnosis on the radio last night (Saturday 21st August) on Justin Dealey’s show. Here’s the link to the recording. The whole show was fun (I am now a massive fan of Justin’s show), but if you want to zoom ahead, the best bit with me is after 52:45

I am feeling so grateful!

If you would like to know more about how hypnotherapy can help you, contact me for a free discovery consultation. Alternatively, you read more about hypnosis and hypnotherapy in my blog posts. This one is a great introduction to hypnosis and hypnotherapy. Or check out some of my favourites posts on how your mind works here.

Read about the second award I won here.

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