Katina Wins Self-Employed / Sole Trader of the Year 2022

On Friday I attended the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) Celebrating Small Businesses Awards in the East of England. The event was held at Newmarket Racecourse. There were 12 different categories and I knew I had been shortlisted as one of the finalists.

Looking at the agenda I saw I was shortlisted for the last category; this meant I wouldn’t know if I had won until 4 pm. As the day progressed I witnessed so many inspiring businesses win their awards. Coda Compostables won the Environmental / Sustainability Award; their story was fascinating originally a plastics company, they now made coffee pods that composted naturally after use in your compost bin. Haypigs were finalists for several different awards, although they didn’t win, I loved their business idea – they make toys, treats, and accessories for guinea pigs including a full circus set. Check out their site here.

Katina being presented with the FSB Award
Katina looking surprised and delighted at being presented with the FSB Award

Competition Time

Chatting to the other finalists, I realised that on my table four of us were all shortlisted for the same award. The other business owners were truly outstanding. A fabulous boutique in Ipswich, a company that offers bespoke marketing, an interior design company, and of course me. We agreed that we were all already winners by being finalists regardless of who won.

When the winner was announced, I was surprised and thrilled to be presented with the Self-Employed / Sole Trader of the Year Award.

Neil and Katina holding the award
Neil and Katina were delighted at having won an award.

It was such an amazing experience. Hearing other people’s stories and successes. And then having my own success. I am truly grateful for winning and having the opportunity through hypnotherapy to help so many people.

Katina Chapman holding her award
Katina feeling blessed and proud to have been chosen as this year’s winner.

This is the second award I have won for hypnotherapy. You can read about my first award as Hypnotherapist of the Year here.

About Katina

Katina helps everyday people with everyday problems break free from unwanted habits or emotional worries, quickly building their self-esteem, “reign” in fear, and have unbreakable, unstoppable confidence!

Katina believes everyone has the ability to rebuild their confidence and achieve their dreams no matter what.

Known for her warm and welcoming smile, Katina is approachable and is simply there to make a real difference in her clients’ lives.

Using hypnotherapy, mindfulness, and other therapies, her genuine “no fluff” approach, only uses science-backed techniques, with practical advice, that really works.

Her guarantee is that your spark for life will be reignited!

Katina offers hypnotherapy appointments in Lowestoft, Norwich, and online. Katina also provides taster sessions, training, and workshops, including full training up to Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy.

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