Can’t sleep? Hypnotherapy can help

Insomnia causes many people to miss out on much-needed sleep. Uninterrupted sleep is a necessity. Six to eight hours is the recommended amount that we need to allow us to function properly. If we lose a single night of sleep, we can generally recover inside of a few days, but long term lack of sleep isn’t so easy to conquer.

Often insomnia is most crippling is because nothing particularly is obstructing them from sleeping peacefully. You may be comfortable, you have no interruptions, you feel nice and warm and you don’t feel harassed but for some unknown reason, you cannot get to sleep. Hypnotherapy for lack of sleep may help you get some vital sleep.

So what is Insomnia?

Insomnia is essentially not getting adequate or any sleep when we have ample possibility to do so. It is actually where we aren’t refreshed or recharged because we haven’t had a chance to recuperate.

Symptoms of sleep disorders can be:

  • difficulty falling asleep,
  • difficulty sleeping at all,
  • waking up early in the morning,
  • waking up through the night,
  • disturbed or stressed sleep,
  • finding daily function difficult because of tiredness,
  • change in mood and being
  • unable to concentrate during the day because of sleep deficiency.

The reason a person has sleeping problems is most often very easy. Major factors behind the condition are panic attacks. The reason why these problems affect us so much when it comes to sleep is mainly because they manifest themselves both in our conscious and subconscious. So that’s two levels of our mind to battle with as we are trying to go to sleep.

Many of us have had to overcome a busy and unsettled mind when we go to bed, where all the day’s problems are spinning around showing no signs of stopping. Lots of us can find it difficult to get to sleep in some cases when we have a lot on.

Over a long time, emotional stress can get to the deepest sections of our mind. Quite a few people begin getting anxiety and panic attacks in the course of the night without knowing what they are experiencing. From time to time tension and anxiety is absorbed by the mind without us realising it until we experience insomnia type symptoms down the road.

When we become conscious that we are having trouble sleeping, we can in some instances start a vicious cycle because we hate going to sleep. Without the chance to control these symptoms, an individual may become distressed, fatigued and stressed out.

How hypnosis can help

While conscious mind-clearing techniques may help (such as talking to someone right before bed etc) they are only addressing the conscious part of the mind. Which means the largest portion of the mind – the subconscious mind – isn’t dealt with and so the symptoms may continue in spite of your best efforts.

Hypnotherapy for sleep problems enables you to find the fundamental causes and manage them. Hypnotherapy empowers you, providing you access to the most powerful part of your mind, handling the problems within and in the end reprogramming it to work with you, as opposed to against you.

Katina Chapman, an experienced hypnotherapist from Katina Chapman Hypnotherapy, said “For many people, a sound night of sleep is an impossibility. Some of my clients may find themselves unable to shut off their thoughts at bedtime. This may be due to stress or mental and emotional overload. Or they may simply find themselves unable to push their thoughts to one side and relax.

Others find themselves waking up during the night and are then unable to fall back into a night of restorative sleep.

With hypnosis you can learn how to move into a frame of mind conducive to sleep. You can learn to shut down your mind into a trance-like state. You will be able to push aside the usual distractions that keep you awake for a period of time at bedtime. You will find yourself relaxing quickly, sleeping deeply and waking up refreshed.”

My name is Katina Chapman and I have been a professional hypnotherapist since 2013. Since launching a private practice I have personally helped hundreds of people from all over Norfolk and Suffolk from my offices based in Lowestoft and Norwich. I also offer appointments by Skype.

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