Overcoming Social Anxiety

One of the common types of anxiety conditions is social anxiety disorder.

It can create problems in circumstances that most of us take for granted. For example, you may feel anxious being at the checkout in a supermarket or even socialising with a group of friends.

Social anxiety may cause countless problems within intimate relationships, work, and a person’s general quality of life.

Countless people with social anxiety difficulties may experience a number of difficult scenarios. These might be meeting with people, eating or drinking in public, and out shopping to name just a few.

They could also naturally shy away from scenarios in which they fear they may be criticised or found inadequate.

A person with social anxiety might have low self-worth and genuinely feel insecure. This may lead to further problems within relationships.

If left untreated, the levels of anxiousness and fear may generalise and intensify until the person begins to experience panic and anxiety attacks.

Further consequences of the disorder are feelings of depression and an inability to relax. These can result in the misuse of alcohol and drugs in an attempt to escape their present reality.

At this stage, they are likely to go through a breakdown in relationships or friendships and difficulties maintaining a career or socialising with other people. In severe cases, they can also have difficulties engaging in general everyday tasks like going shopping or even posting a letter.

Needless to say, it is a very debilitating disorder if left to build without check. The good news is that hypnotherapy is very effective in the treatment of social anxiety at all stages of the condition.

How Hypnotherapy can help

The fear and worry in social anxiety are sometimes fuelled by past situations of humiliation or certain habitual thinking patterns. These underlying elements are readily treatable with hypnosis.

Assisting the person to take charge of these thoughts is just part of the remit for hypnotherapeutic solutions.

By changing the way the subconscious mind perceives past incidents as well as the behaviour patterns; hypnotherapy will help the person to engage in more constructive internal thoughts and boosts self-confidence and control.

Hypnotherapy could help reverse the spiral of social anxiety and help the person resume a normal life – in most cases after only a few sessions.

By making use of hypnotherapy strategies people find it much better to be around others and in all honesty just be “normal” again because they genuinely feel more relaxed and in control.

Everything in their life improves including relationships, socialising, and work interactions as they actually feel more self-assured in all of them.

Katina Chapman, a highly skilled hypnotherapist, that specialises in social anxiety and works at Katina Chapman Hypnotherapy explained, “Social anxiety is more than shyness. It’s a fear that doesn’t go away. Without help, it can affect everyday activities, gnaw away at your self-confidence, cause problems with relationships and even affect your work or school life. I’ve seen a significant increase in people experiencing social anxiety in the last few years, especially since the pandemic restrictions started to ease. I wrote a blog in March 2021 outlining my tips to help with social anxiety post lockdown. For many people with social anxiety, it can be overwhelming and lead to excessive worry about going out, before, during, and after. Fortunately, hypnotherapy can help by teaching you techniques to reduce your anxiety, rebuild your confidence, and start enjoying life again.”

Call Katina on (01502) 587 341 or 07847 552 390 to arrange a free discovery consultation to find out how hypnotherapy can help you.

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