Lockdown restrictions in the UK have at last begun to ease, after 14 long weeks.

Many people are now looking forward to welcoming a little normality and routine back into life.

As the journey to normality forges ahead, though, some are feeling extremely anxious about adjusting to life, post-lockdown.

There are new issues around mandatory mask-wearing, and the physiological and psychological fears and emotions this creates.

Do you struggle to wear a mask?

For some masks bring on complex emotions. In addition, some people may find covering the face hard or even impossible to cope with.

There are many reasons why someone may not feel comfortable wearing a mask or be able to wear a mask. This can be because of a combination of both the psychological and physiological.

For example:

  • Feeling trapped or claustrophobic.
  • A dislike of certain materials against the skin.
  • Negative feelings around your identity or body image, triggered by a face covering changing the way you look.
  • Masks can be a visual suggestion of the virus – a constant nudge that the world is no longer the safe place it was.
  • Masks may make others appear threatening or sinister.
  • Masks can be added stressor of the pandemic – a real and physical reminder of how much our lives have changed.
  • You might be a victim of trauma/rape/abuse.
  • Be struggling to breathe due to asthma or other chronic respiratory condition.
  • Or have Autism or Sensory Processing Disorder.

Tips for coping with wearing masks

Here are some tips for coping with masks and mask wearing:

  • Get some fresh air outside before and after you wear your mask.
  • Do something to help you relax before and after you wear a mask.
  • Add a comforting scent to your mask – essential oil or your own perfume or aftershave.
  • Consider your mask a fashion accessory – find a mask or face-covering with a design or pattern that expresses your individuality.
  • Take a distraction out with you – listen to music or podcasts through headphones, or call someone you enjoy chatting with.
  • Practise mindfulness – pay attention to what is really occurring in the present moment, rather than catastrophising a situation.

Above all, be kind to others – always!

How hypnotherapy can help with wearing masks

Hypnotherapy can help you with all of these concerns. It can help show you the way to a calmer, fuller, and happier post-lockdown life.

Hypnotherapy can offer a targeted and personalised support to reduce anxiety caused by mask-wearing. It will help you rationalise your own mask-wearing and that of others, and help you function and live in the present.

Call now on (01502) 587341 and let the changes begin.


Many children may feel uneasy around masks. If your child struggles with masks, check out my other blog post, and tips, on helping children overcome a fear of masks.

Photo by Vera Davidova on Unsplash

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