Exam Nerves


Finding it hard to concentrate?

Do you have problems performing well on tests?

Get back in control, refocus and be your best on the big day.

Whether you have an exam, a driving test or an interview coming up hypnotherapy can help.

You’ve studied hard and know the materials but suddenly on exam day, your mind is blank. Or maybe you have a job interview coming up and are worried about how you’ll perform.

Test nerves are a common and debilitating problem. It generally occurs when you have negative thoughts or put too much pressure to achieve perfection right before exam time or a job interview.

Hypnotherapy can help reduce or eliminate test anxiety by keeping your mind in a relaxed state, allowing you to remain calm when faced with a stressful situation.

When: Appointments available in Lowestoft and Norwich between 9 am to 6 pm. Other appointment times may be available by prior arrangement.

Where: Sessions are available at The Crystal Cabin, 76 The Avenue, Lowestoft, NR33 7LN and Suite 14, (1st Floor), St Francis House, 141-147 Queen’s Road, Norwich, NR1 3PN

Programme: Initial consultation followed by 4 sessions. Some people require additional support and further sessions can be arranged after session 4 if needed.

To book: Call Katina on 01502 587 341 or email.

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