Educational Performance

Are your students stressed?

Finding it hard to concentrate?

Do your students need help with their educational performance?

Exams are a big part of student life. This causes many students concern, unnecessary stress and worry. Many students become easily discouraged and fixated on their weaknesses or by any negative criticism. These workshops help students to re-focus on their strengths and talents as well as learning simple coping strategies that reduce stress and anxiety. These are easily learnt skills that will support them not only now but in their future career, and importantly, help them to perform at their very best on the day of the exam.

These workshops are based on Sheila Granger’s leading Educational Performance Programme. The programme has assisted UK schools, colleges, universities and other educational organisations by helping teachers and students prepare for exams using relaxation, focusing and concentration techniques.

The relaxation and focusing methods help students to better understand how to prepare for an exam and overcome anxiety. The result is a programme that helps a range of students to grow in confidence and feel relaxed about exam conditions, thus enabling them to perform well on the day.

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