Hypnotic Trance is Natural

Have you ever been really engrossed in a good film, when suddenly it ends and what felt like 20 minutes has flown by?

Or maybe you have been in a lift and got out on the wrong floor? You’re in a lift and everyone is transfixed as the floor numbers roll by. And the lift goes up or down, then when the door opens, you follow everybody else out. Your automatic action is a natural process where your unconscious mind takes over, so you don’t have to think about things all the time.

Or maybe you have driven along a familiar route, perhaps to work, and you reach your destination, you get out of the car, and suddenly you realise, “Where did the last half hour go to?” Your unconscious mind was guiding your drive home, whilst your conscious mind relaxed and zoned out, while you focused on more interesting subjects.

We all experience trance in the course of a normal day, often whilst performing habits like brushing our teeth or driving on ‘autopilot’.

Think about the moment just before you fall asleep at night: you know you could open your eyes if you wanted to, but it feels so good that you simply want to keep them shut. That in-between-awake-and asleep time is a natural trance state.

Conscious and Unconscious

Imagine an iceberg submerged under the ocean. Above water, the iceberg only shows about 10% of its full bulk. This is the conscious part of the mind; the logical, analytical, thinking part of the mind. Below the water line is the unconscious mind which stores your memories, emotions, instincts, habits, imagination, dreams and inner wisdom as well as running the body and keeping you safe.

While your conscious part of the mind is less active, the unconscious part of the mind can absorb and accept suggestions and ideas. Remember your unconscious mind makes up approximately 90% of your overall brain power, so it’s easy to see how trance can be such a powerful state.

Hypnotherapy helps people make changes to their behaviour. It cannot force you to make any changes against your will. It is a state of deep relaxation. In hypnosis, your conscious mind is less active and your unconscious mind is ready to absorb and accept positive ideas and suggestions to help you change the behaviours you want to change, enhancing your well-being and empowering your life.

Many creative, productive people enter these altered states of consciousness, these mini trances, in order to do things they are good at.

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