Dealing with fear, worry and anxiety

Anxiety issues affect many of us every single year. Quite a few people try to live and cope by themselves, suffering from this condition quietly. Anxiety is an innate a part of us all.

A normal amount of anxiety could possibly help as it keeps us alert to the danger. However longer-term, it impinges on us physically and on an emotional level.

The stress and adrenaline that anxiety produces is what kept our forebears alert and alive and is called the ‘fight or flight’ response. Whilst threats like that aren’t a problem now, this adrenaline still serves us well in certain circumstances. Nevertheless, if we endure too much anxiety it may cause us to be frightened and worry even though there is actually little or nothing to be afraid of.

This sort of feeling can last quite a while and have a considerable impact on an individual’s life. Anxiety like this is almost always called generalised anxiety disorder or GAD.

Indications of generalised anxiety disorder range from feelings of worry, fear and dread, trouble sleeping, light-headedness, heart palpitations, shaking, depression, nausea and anxiety attacks. A good number of sufferers find it difficult just to survive the day and battle to stop the feelings of panic and fear. This draining and overwhelming condition most commonly appears between childhood and middle age but can impact on a person at any age group.

Affected individuals commonly say they actually feel like they’re ‘going insane.’ They feel self-conscious and ashamed and feel that no one could understand what they are going through. They suffer in silence, hiding their problem from good friends, family and co-workers. They lose confidence in their mind and body and instead wear an emotional or behavioural mask.

Believing there isn’t any hope and covering up the anxiety is quite usual for generalised anxiety disorder sufferers. Hiding this disorder and not addressing the issues can actually magnify and prolong the anxiousness.

The most effective way to be free from this anxiousness is to look for the root cause of it and eliminate it. If the cause of the issue is addressed there can no longer be the same effect.

How hypnotherapy can help

Hypnotherapy is a very beneficial treatment in tackling generalised anxiety disorder and removing the hidden causes. Under hypnotherapy, an individual might achieve a greater understanding of their problems and find new strategies of feeling, thinking and behaving.

A hypnotherapist will probably commonly try to decrease a person’s undesirable thoughts by suggesting favourable beliefs to the sub-conscious. Our subconscious mind is an exceptionally powerful tool and hypnotherapy tactics our mind’s resources to gain control over our thoughts and feelings.

Katina Chapman, a qualified professional hypnotherapist from Katina Chapman Hypnotherapy based in Norwich, said “Anxiety issues affect many of us and are the number one reason people contact me for help. We know a normal amount of anxiety can be helpful as it keeps us alert to the danger. However, in excess, it can have a considerable impact on our lives, affecting us emotionally, mentally and physically. In addition, difficult situations, or stressful life circumstances, can increase stress levels and bring on panic and anxiety attacks. Under hypnotherapy, you can achieve a greater understanding of your problems and find new strategies of feeling, thinking and behaving.”

A lot of people have been experiencing increased anxiety as a result of the current pandemic, the lockdown, being furloughed, and increased uncertainty. In my blog on “Copying with the Chaos“, I offer a free anxiety-release recording and tips on releasing anxiety. You can read it here.

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My name is Katina Chapman and I have been a professional hypnotherapist since 2013. Since launching a private practice I have personally helped hundreds of people from all over Norfolk and Suffolk from my offices based in Lowestoft and Norwich. I also offer appointments by Skype or Zoom. You can find out more about the services I offer here.

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