Hypnosis – Can it succeed?

Hypnosis is a broadly misunderstood practice. Countless people may think of the stereotypical swinging fob watch and the words ‘stare straight into my eyes… you’re feeling sleepy…’ if they consider hypnosis. On the other hand, some may see unlucky audience members being manipulated to bark just like a dog or cluck like a chicken.

Far from being a type of amusement, real a hypnotic approach can offer individuals with the ability to break down detrimental habits, like eating too much or smoking cigarettes, through working with the subconscious mind. Yet it is after all, natural to consider hypnotherapy and ask “does it work?” if you’re contemplating utilising this therapeutic technique. Consequently it is important to take the time to discover the real results this form of therapy can supply.

How can it work?

The hypnotherapist can switch out detrimental thinking or habits by utilising suggestion and visualisations to re-wire the subconscious. Although the conscious mind only remembers a small fraction of everything we see, hear and experience; the subconscious mind stores every little thing, in many cases without our awareness. Hypnotherapy functions by being able to access these hidden experiences and thoughts in order to create new, much better beliefs and habits.

Contrary to popular perception, hypnotherapists don’t put clients to sleep. However, what in actual fact transpires is that the individual is directed into a deeply relaxed state of mind.

In reality, plenty of people don’t appreciate they’ve been in this state until the hypnotherapist brings them back to a typical level of consciousness. In some cases, clients do not even think that their mental state has been changed at all, as awareness of activities around them like the therapists’ words or noises externally remain consistent through the appointment. However, due to the fact our sensation of time alters when we are in a hypnotic state, quite a few people are stunned by how much time has passed while in the hypnotic portion of the session.

Life-altering benefits

Many individuals have successfully overcome difficulties with hypnosis, for example, obesity, hopelessness, problem behaviours, smoking tobacco, anxious feelings and sleep issues, and also have suggested it to folks they know. This even includes quite a few celebrities, for example, Kiera Knightley, Kevin Costner, Orlando Bloom, Sophie Dahl and Matt Damon.

Although the hypnotherapy profession has only attained widespread notice recently, it is, believe it or not, an established profession. In the 1890s the British Medical Association commissioned an investigation which mentioned that “as a therapeutic agent, hypnotism is frequently effective in relieving pain, procuring sleep, and alleviating many functional ailments [i.e. psycho-somatic complaints and anxiety disorders].” Einstein is even believed to have used it!

With positive reviews for hypnosis spanning over 100 years, plus so many very happy customers, this method can offer an established resolution to quite a few different issues.

Katina Chapman from Katina Chapman Hypnotherapy whose hypnotherapy practice is located in Lowestoft and Norwich stated, “Most therapies focus on what is wrong with you and how you need to fix that. Hypnotherapy is different. Together we focus on what is right with you, what is great, and how we can harness that and hypnotically put that to use to help you easily and naturally produce your own change. Hypnotherapy can help you to make amazing changes in your habits and behaviour and to start living the life you want.

My name is Katina Chapman and I have been a professional hypnotherapist since 2013. Since launching a private practice I have personally helped hundreds of people from all over Norfolk and Suffolk from my offices based in Lowestoft and Norwich. I also offer appointments by Skype and Zoom. Read more about online sessions. Discover more about some of the areas hypnotherapy can help with. When you are ready to make that change give me a call on (01502) 587341 or email me at hello@katinachapman.co.uk

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